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Demo “No Show” : How to Stay on Target

by | May 8, 2016

Stay on Target : Sales Wound #44

Attn Sales Managers & Professionals

How do I convert 94.3% of my scheduled sales calls?

The “demo call” / pitch call is the single most important step in the sales process. It’s the choke point for the sales process so it’s the first KPI to track diligently wk/wk. If you aren’t scheduling demo calls, then you have an issue up the funnel. If you aren’t closing, then you have an issue down the funnel. A deal will not close without at least one phone call / demo call.

As this is the single most important step, optimizing to ensure that they actually occur is critical. Think of how much time you currently spend rescheduling missed “no show” demo calls.

I’ve experimented with 100s of different methods + tools over the years and this is by far the most effective, yet simple.


If you do all of these steps, you’re % of meetings missed will go to < 8%.

Step 1:

Here’s how you do this elegantly.

“We’re scheduled for 16MAY @ 2pm PST and I’ll send you a calendar invite to confirm with conference call details. In case there are any last minute hiccups, what’s your mobile number? Mine is 415.938.6080. Looking fwd to the call.”

Note the date format. This is the only format that everyone understands. 5/16, 16/5, 16th are all open to interpretation. Be sure to put the Time Zone.

Step 2:

Include all the details in the Summary section +mobile numbers. Make it SUPER SIMPLE for your prospect (and you)

Step 3: (pay attention)

If the prospect is late 7 minutes, send them a text.

If the prospect is late 10 minutes, call their mobile directly.

The Human Psyche

There is another reason this method is so effective. When you give someone your mobile number, you psychologically are more committed to making this meeting. It sticks in your psyche deeper. And you’ve given the other person PERMISSION to call you if you are late to the meeting.

Try this method and let me know if it materially improves your meeting %. I’ll happily wager you it will.

Bonus: Here at Sonar we provide the “Phone” attribute so you can dial direct!

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