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Attn founders : get your head out of your arse — Ship Code : Ship Revenue

by | Apr 23, 2016

Sales Wound #54

A wise person once told me, “There are only 2 bottlenecks in business. Build $hit, Sell $hit.”

This helped me immensely as I transitioned from coding to learning how to sell. As I gained more experience in Sales I found myself using many of the same principles I learned in shipping code which iterated into my current understanding of how to build a company. It boils down to 2 things and 2 things only : “Ship Code : Ship Revenue”

  • Why does this even matter? If you do not value your best sales person on the EXACT same pedestal as your best engineer,
  • Am I even qualified to have an opinion on this? Most sales blogs aren’t even written by someone who’s shipped revenue before. Ask the author if they have ever “carried a bag” (ie had a direct sales quota.) It’s binary, you either have or you haven’t. Just like an engineer shipping code.

I’ve found this is a very effective method to teach Founders how to translate what they know (shipping code) to the other most important function in the company: Sales

Every other function down to the Office Manager should be aligned with either of these. Everyone should clearly know which team they are on.

Shipping Code or Shipping Revenue

Sales is EXACTLY like Engineering. If you don’t see something in the Sales process that mirrors what you do in Eng then stop and ask why. Don’t let your sales team BS you. Here’s a simple translation table for some important terms.


This is a high-level list, but the key point is that everything in Engineering has the equivalent in Sales. If you don’t see it, find it.

Your company will fatally break in only one of these two areas. Shipping Code or Shipping Revenue.

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PS. Eating our own dogfood

We have two teams here at Sonar: Team Ship Code : Team Ship Revenue. If you’d like to join one of those teams, we’re hiring.

And we like solving our customer’s pain of identifying when CXOs signup with an anonymous (gmail/hotmail/yahoo/etc) email. We are so confident we’ll even wager you: Sonar’s Whiskey Challenge

*the post hasn’t been proofread by anyone so there are likely typos. It’s optimized for speed / value ratio. Any correction or ?’s please add to comments

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