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Why reaching out to THAT lead just killed your deal … Dodge Low <> Punch High

by | Jun 8, 2016

Reaching out to that particular lead has just killed your deal because it’s at the wrong level and now you’re stuck in the abyss of a middle/low level prospect trying to work up the org. Ideally let the low level prospect gently float into the product/experience “dodge low” and then initiate outbound with the VP “punch high” Scenario 1: Inbound lead from [email protected] who just signed up for the Info Session / Whitepaper / free trial, etc.

Sonar’s Lead identification shows:

chris smith cloudflare v4

Cloudlfare : 247 employees HQ Location: San Francisco,, CA Title: Senior Engineer Person Location: San Francisco Bay Area Industry: Information Tech & Services etc (see the other key qualifiers from The Octothorpe post

So you think, “Hot Lead! My boss keeps telling me that i need to respond to this lead in 32 seconds or I’m likely to lose the deal”


wrong X

The reason is that this is a middle to low level person that if you find a way to initiate the discussion, you are now trapped as this level of conversation. Trying to sell upwards in an organization is close to impossible. Good luck though. Ideally you’ll want to align the seniority level of your org w/ the prospects. In this case, a lower level resource (ie SDR) should initiate & engage in parallel with an experienced AE (or DIR/vp) reaching out to the VP. Typical behavior is that a VP will have an initiative and then task their team to research and come back with viable solutions they can review. stuck in mud

Dodge Low : Punch High – Or you’ll be stuck because you’ve engaged at the wrong level

Yes, there are always edge cases but find a way to follow-up with the inbound AND make sure someone begins engaging at the VP level. Be smart about how you reach out to the VP and don’t say “I saw Bruce signed up so i thought i’d reach out”. WRONG APPROACH. But you have the signal and now can reach out to the VP with something of high value to teach them to begin the discussion as if you didn’t know there was any inbound.

Teach the VP something and you’ll earn the respect to move the conversations forward

Remember, you’re likely going to need to get to the VP for ultimate sign off anyway so don’t take the bait. Dodge Low : Punch High


Bonus Scenario 2: [email protected] signs up as an inbound lead

This is very typical behavior in b2b for Decision Makers (CXO, VPs, Directors) because they prefer to first research independently and then engage with sales on their terms. If you use Sonar, we’d show you this in real time in Salesforce mike vietti sonar copy v3 Dodge Low : Punch High from the very beginning. Mike obviously wants to be obfuscated for a reason as he isn’t ready to have a sales person call + email him 50+ times. But this indicates interest so initiate the outbound at the highest level = VP. Time to go in, “Over the Top”! over the top

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